Hi! I am Emil and I am currently living in Ploiesti, a city located in the nearby of Bucharest (60km North), Romania. I am a technology enthusiast and very passionate about everything in the IT world. Recently I became very interested in entrepreneurship and personal development.

I received my PhD in Systems Engineering from  Petroleum-Gas University of Ploiesti (UPG Ploiesti) in May 2017 with the thesis entitled Research regarding security of control systems. My research focuses on increasing the security of control systems in critical infrastructures such as refineries petrochemical facilities or electrical grids.

Since 2011 I am an external collaborator of the Automatic Control, Computers and Electronics Department in Petroleum-Gas University of Ploiesti (UPG). I am currently teaching and I have research activities in the fields of Systems Engineering & Computer Science. I am collaborating with the Department of Information Technology and Communications on issues regarding information security policy in the University.

I started IWSSS – International Workshop on Systems Safety & Security in 2013 as an annual scientific event. In the past four years IWSSS was a real meeting point for specialists in the security field, a good environment for ideas exchange and networking. From my point of view IWSSS was the expression of my true passion about cybersecurity. I was able to meet renowned specialists in the field and to make the first steps in my personal development by organizing this event.

I am also working as a freelancer – researcher & web developer. My projects include website development, mainly backend programming in PHP and application development in C and .NET. I am experienced in reviewing and writing academic papers, analysing data and doing reasearch. If you want to collaborate you can reach me on Kolabtree.

I am a very passionate traveler and I recently launched a personal project, Plimbaret.Eu, a travel blog, where I intend to promote wonderful places in Romania and abroad.

I designed this website with the objective to offer the most updated information regarding my projects, my teaching and research activities and results and my ideas. I hope you’ll find useful and interesting information!